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“What impact do we want to make?” 
This was the introductory question by Doris Magsaysay Ho (DHo), President and CEO of Magsaysay Group of Companies, in her opening statement during the Magsaysay Shipping and Logistics (MSL) Business Sustainability Program kick-off last February 2 via Teams Meeting. 
DHo presented and discussed the company’s sustainability framework which revolves around being ethical in the conduct of the business, managing the risks, and creating value for the society. She also highlighted the importance of being a purpose-driven company and engaging the Magsaysay People (MPs). 
Having a shared purpose is vital to the long-term success of the company and greater employee satisfaction. “Workforce must be proud of their purpose to motivate them to work,” said DHo as she acknowledged MPs’ contributions and impact on the business. Furthermore, she also shared the United Nations’ (UN) 17 sustainable development goals to the MSL Group to guide them in their strategic planning. 
“Being sustainable is not about CSR or charity,” she said. She underscored the need to combine the business ambitions and practices as part of MSL’s sustainability strategies. Abel Cagara, General Manager of MSL’s Tanker Division, also presented during the kick-off event citing examples of conglomerate companies whose business sustainability practices were successful because they were able to communicate their purpose to all levels in the organization, integrating it across their business operations. 
To close the virtual gathering, Jesse H. Maxwell (JHM), MSL Group President and CEO, shared that adjustments are important on how to be sustainable by allocating MSL resources to mitigate risks. He also echoed the need to renew the company’s business model by shifting from inside-out to outside in thinking. 
After the kick-off event, a workshop for MSL leaders scheduled to assess their business operations and align it with the brand promise and sustainability statement: “Everything Matters when we act and work with purpose to give enduring value to MPs, partners, and the environment.”