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With COVID-19 disrupting businesses and the way we work, most Magsaysay People (MPs) have been forced to work from home on some days and miss the chance to socialize and build rapport with colleagues. At Magsaysay Shipping and Logistics (MSL), no one is feeling out of touch as its Human Resources department rolled out a series of fun and exciting virtual team building activities from March 21 to June 24.​​​​​​​

MSL whipped an array of activities for its MPs with “Guess Who: Throwback Photos,” where one has to figure out who the MP is based on their old photo. Another activity was “Bring Me!” with a twist, where competing teams have to answer tricky riddles before presenting the requested item. Everyone felt happy and connected after each session. ​​​​​​​

We may be experiencing a pandemic and strict physical distancing is required at the moment, but fun and real human interaction are never out of the window – and MSL can attest to that. MSL, through virtual team building, hopes to create a deeper and stronger bond among teams and make every one feel still part of the family.